Best baby carriers in India that are safe and ergonomic.

Best Baby Carriers in India: Safe, Hip-Healthy, and Lumbar-Friendly

Finding the best baby carriers in India that are safe for your baby and easy on your back is a challenge as there are no guidelines or carrier standards issued by the Indian government.

Most of us buy baby carriers in India not knowing that there are international guidelines that are not followed by every baby carrier making brand in India. A non-certified baby carrier either harm your baby or make it uncomfortable for you to use the carrier for a stretch of time.

This means, you could end up as one of those parents who bought a baby carrier, realized something was wrong and then added it to the pile of useless baby products you have bought over time. Yes, we all have a pile!

Why Use a Baby Carrier

Most of us buy baby carriers to go hands free. While that is indeed the case, did you know that studies show that babies cry less when you use a baby carrier as they feel more secure being close to your body. Cognitive and social development, more sleep, ease of breastfeeding, overall health improvement due to increased skin-to-skin contact, and improved posture are some of the other benefits of babywearing.

“Isn’t it then better to just carry the baby in your arms and not waste money on a fancy carrier?” This is what my husband asked me when I said I wanted to buy one. Turns out, you tend to carry your baby for much longer when you use a carrier than when you are holding them in your arms.

When my son was six months old, I carried him for straight 10 hours in a carrier to fly back safely to home on 20 March 2020 (just before the covid lockdown). The carrier also ensured that my baby was not coming in contact with any infected surface as his face was facing inwards and also because I did not have to touch him unnecessarily.

Ashley carrying her baby in one of the best baby carriers in India
Having a good time with my 3 months old baby in a baby carrier

What Happens When You Don’t Use the Right Baby Carrier

 A bad baby carrier can give you back pain and make it uncomfortable to carry your baby for even a couple of hours. It will also make the baby cranky as they are positioned clumsily in it without proper support.

Apart from this, a bad baby carrier can give your baby hip dysplasia due to wrong posture. A bad baby carrier will leave your baby’s feet dangling down, while a good baby carrier will have a seating base that reaches from knee-to-knee so that the hip is properly supported.

A father using one of the best baby carriers in India to carry baby.
Dads Too Can Use Baby Carriers

How to Identify the Best Baby Carriers in India

For your baby’s safety and your comfort, you should buy an ergonomic baby carrier in India that meets all of these criteria.

Safety Certification

There are two international standards for baby carriers. The European standard is called EN 13209 and the American standard is called ASTM F2236 for carriers with buckles and padding, and ASTM F2907-15 for sling carriers made completely out of fabric.

These standards evaluate products for their intended use. A safety-certified carrier is safe, hip healthy and designed to minimize or eliminate incidents of fall and injury.

The best baby carriers in India and the only ones you should be using are certified carriers. 

Froggy Baby

An ergonomic carrier that is safe for your baby’s hips will have a deep seat that stretches from the baby’s one knee to the other.

Apart from that, the carrier will be designed in such a way that the baby’s knees are above the level of their bum. Basically, the bum and legs should form an “M” shape and the baby should have their knees spread out like a frog.

Neck Support for Infants

Infants less than four months old need adequate neck support when held upright. Read the description for the baby carrier to make sure that it can support an infant if you plan to use it for a baby less than 4 months of age.

Fully Adjustable Design

Babies grow, and if your carrier cannot grow with the baby, then it is a bad investment. An ideal carrier should be able to carry a newborn weighing 3 Kg to a preschooler weighing 15 Kg. Go for a carrier that offers an adjustable seat for the baby that you can adjust per the distance between your baby’s knees as they grow.

Also, go for a carrier that has a lot of buckles. The buckles should let you adjust all dimensions of the carrier seat and also all the dimensions to fit it around you. You do not need to adjust all those buckles every time you carry your baby.

Most often, you only have a behind-the-shoulder strap and waist belt to use it. The other buckles are adjusted as your baby grows.

Breathability of Material

We live in a tropical country and most often we have to deal with warm weather over colder weather. A carrier made of polyester, or any synthetic material can make your baby feel stuffy and cranky. You will also feel uncomfortable and sweaty while using it.

The best baby carrier in India is the one that suits its weather. Go for a cotton or linen based baby carrier.

There is another very strong reason to go for a cloth-based carrier. If you have been with a baby for a while, you know that they puke, have spit ups, and chew on everything near their mouth. You are highly unlikely to use a carrier without a diaper, but you never know! A cloth-based carrier that can be washed is therefore most practical.

Soft Structure and Foldable

When you have a newborn baby, you would use the baby carrier inside your house and for your vaccination trips. As the baby grows, you would be taking them out to parks, malls, airports, railway station, and anywhere you can go.

There will be times when you want to take the baby out and put away the carrier. This is why you need a practical baby carrier that can be folded and nicely tucked away in your diaper bag. If your carrier can’t fit in your back, then that carrier is not worth having.

Shoulder and Lumbar Padding

It is a lovely feeling carrying a 3.5 Kg who dozes off within minutes of being held in a baby carrier. But let that baby grow nine months or older, and you have a very curious and wriggly baby who tugs at the shoulder straps and keeps shifting left and right in the carrier. This is when you start feeling the ache.

The best baby carriers in India are the ones that have extra padding for your shoulder and a thick and padded waist strap. Certain baby carriers offer extra padding as an add on for the waist that helps if you are a little larger around the waist.

Explore ECE R44/04 certified Baby Car Seats in India.

A woman holding her toddler in a baby carrier in a mall.
With my 3.5 year old son in the same carrier

Best Baby Carriers in India

Here is a list of the best baby carriers in India that are hip-healthy and safety-certified.

Kol Kol Baby Carrier

If you ask me which is the most practical baby carrier in India, I will say it is Kol Kol baby carrier.

Kol Kol baby carrier is a simple design, minimalist, and elegant baby carrier that complies with the ASTM F2236 standards for baby carriers and is tested for strength, durability, and chemicals by Intertek Testing Services.

You can use it for a baby from 4 months to 3 years, or weighing up to 18 Kg. Kol Kol does not offer extra neck support for a newborn and so it should be used only after the baby has developed neck control.

The shoulder straps and waist band are designed to be thick and wide to make it easy for you to carry your baby. The carrier can be worn to hold the baby in front of you facing inwards or it can be worn on your back to hold the baby in the backpack position.

Kol Kol baby carrier is made of soft cotton material and is suitable for hands-free breastfeeding

Kol Kol Baby Carrier

R for Rabbit Hug Me Elite

Hug Me Elite by R for Rabbit is an EN 13209 certified baby carrier suitable for carrying 6 months to 2 years old baby, weighing between 6-18 Kg.

. You can carry your baby in front of you, facing inwards or you can carry your baby on your back. This is a comfortable and budget baby carrier in India.

Hug Me Elite offers neck support, extra padding for the baby’s thighs, hood, and a breastfeeding friendly design. The wide shoulder straps and waist straps make babywearing easy on your back.

R for Rabbit Hug Me Elite

Aseema by Soulslings

Aseema is an ASTM F2236 certified soft cotton baby carrier that supports 3-20 Kg weigh and can be used to carry a baby of 0-4 years of age.

This baby carrier is fully adjustable and comes with extra paddings for the waist and shoulders. Apart from that, the carrier provides extra padding for the baby’s thighs to promote healthy hip development. The carrier also provides neck support needed for newborns.

Aseema is a thoughtful carrier with special features like a detachable hood to hold the baby’s head while falling asleep in the carrier, breastfeeding friendly design, detachable lumbar support padding, and a detachable pouch that can be used to carry wipes and sanitizer.

You can use Aseema to carry a baby in two ways. Either you can wear the carrier in your front to hold the baby facing you, or you can carry your baby on your back like a backpack.

Aseema by Soulslings

Anmol Baby Carrier

India’s first ASTM F2236 certified baby carrier brand, Anmol makes ergonomic carriers for newborns to preschoolers, weighing 3 -20 Kg.

Anmol comes with thick shoulder straps and a wide waist strap. The carrier comes with a detachable hood, integrated neck support for newborns, and a detachable lumbar support padding for added comfort.

The best thing about Anmol baby carrier is that it can be worn in four different ways. You can carry your baby in front of you with the baby facing inwards to you. And you can carry the baby in front of you facing outwards when the baby is over 5 months old.

You can carry the baby on your hip when they are 6 months or older and finally, you can carry them on your back in the backpack position.

Anmol Baby Carrier

R for Rabbit Upsy Daisy

If you are looking for a certified hip-seater baby carrier then R for Rabbit Upsy Daisy is your best bet. With an EN-13209:2-2005, this is the only certified hip seater carrier I could find on Amazon.

This carrier can be used for a baby from 3 months to 2 years or from 5 Kg to 15 Kg. This ergonomically designed baby carrier can be used in front carry position for both inwards and outwards facing, as a hip seater, and also as for piggy back carrying.

R for Rabbit Upsy Daisy

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

All the carriers I have discussed above are made in India soft structured baby carriers. Boba Wrap is however an American origin sling type carrier.

If you were to ask your baby’s opinion on what type of carrier they want themselves to be carried in, they will probably say a sling.

Boba Wrap is an ASTM F2907-15 certified sling carrier made of breathable, toxic free, and 98% UV protected certified fabric that is tested to carry a baby from 3 to 20 Kg or from newborn to preschool stage.

This sling carrier offers ultimate comfort to the parent with a wide shoulder flap made of the same fabric.

Here, you don’t have to deal with any buckles or padding, which makes putting it on easier than a soft structured carrier.

Needless to say, you can easy fold and carry it around in your bag when not in use and wash it whenever you need to. While not made in India,  Boba Wrap is the ultimate baby carrier in India.

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier TICKS Checklist

Using the right baby carrier and using the carrier in the right way are equally important to tap all the benefits of babywearing. UK Sling Consortium developed the TICKS checklist to ensure that a parent knows how to carry the baby in a carrier.

  • T: TIGHT. The baby should be seated tight and close to the person wearing the carrier. The baby should not slump inside the carrier.
  • I: IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES. The baby’s face should always be visible to you while you are wearing them in the carrier. This way you can check their breathing and notice any discomfort they exhibit.
  • C: CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS. While holding your baby in a carrier, you should make sure that their head is as high as your chin. This gives the baby the right posture in the carrier against your body. You can check this by making sure that your baby’s head is close enough for you to kiss by just leaning forward.
  • K: KEEP CHIN OFF CHEST. If you are carrying an infant, it is important to ensure that their chin is upright for easy breathing. Always check if there is a two-finger gap under their chin while carrying them in a carrier.
  • S: SUPPORTED BACK. You should check that the carrier is tight enough to support your baby’s back in a natural position. If your baby is slumping inside the carrier, when you press against their back, they will uncurl. This is an undesirable posture. The baby should not uncurl when you press against their back if they are sitting upright and properly.

Wrapping Up: Best Baby Carriers in India

If you are still thinking which carrier you should get, let me make it simple for you. If you are looking for a carrier to carry a newborn baby, go for Aseema, Anmol or Konny.

However, if your baby is 5 months or older and you are particular about having front carrying in outward facing position, go for Anmol.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable carrier that lets you carry your 5 months or older in the front inward facing position and back carrying, choose Kol Kol.

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