Breastfeeding while traveling: Tips and Hacks

Breastfeeding While Traveling: How to Manage

I breastfed my son for 26 months and he was never given formula. Being a travel blogging mom, there were countless times when I had to feed him outside the comfort of a home or even a breastfeeding-friendly space. I have managed to breastfeed my son in malls, shops, train, air plane, airports and just about everywhere without feeling uncomfortable, thanks to proper planning.

In this blog I will share some tips and hacks to discretely breastfeed while traveling so that you can ensure your little one’s nourishment even on the go.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding While Traveling

Honestly, breastfeeding is the best means for feeding your child while on a vacation. Here are some of the benefits of breastfeeding while traveling:


One of the most significant benefits of breastfeeding while traveling is the sheer convenience it offers. Breast milk is always ready, at the perfect temperature, and in the right quantity for your baby. You won’t need to worry about packing and preparing bottles or carrying around formula. Whether you’re in a bustling airport, a remote village, or a tourist attraction, breastfeeding is a hassle-free way to nourish your child.

Nutrient-Rich Travel Food

Breast milk is a nutritional powerhouse, specifically designed to meet your baby’s needs. It provides essential nutrients and antibodies that protect your child from illnesses and help their growth and development. When you breastfeed while traveling, you can be confident that your baby is receiving the best possible nutrition, even in unfamiliar environments.

Immune System Boost

Traveling exposes your baby to new environments and potential pathogens. Breast milk contains antibodies that can help your child’s immune system combat these threats effectively. It’s like a custom-made shield, offering extra protection against infections, allergies, and other health issues.

Comfort and Security

Traveling can be overwhelming for babies, with changes in routine, surroundings, and time zones. Breastfeeding provides a sense of comfort and security. The familiarity of your breast, your scent, and the act of nursing can soothe your baby during moments of stress, making the journey more pleasant for both of you.

Cost-Effective Traveling

Travel expenses can quickly add up, but breastfeeding is budget-friendly. There’s no need to buy formula, bottles, or feeding supplies. This cost-effective approach to feeding allows you to allocate your resources to other aspects of your journey, such as accommodations, transportation, and activities.

Sustainability on the Road

Traveling, especially long-haul or eco-tourism, often comes with concerns about environmental impact. Breastfeeding minimizes the use of single-use plastics and reduces the carbon footprint associated with producing and transporting formula. It’s an eco-conscious choice for sustainable travel.

Time Efficiency

Breastfeeding on the go is time-efficient. There’s no need to find a suitable place to prepare formula or clean bottles, which can be especially challenging in transit or while exploring unfamiliar destinations. Simply latch your baby on, and you’re good to go.

Bonding and Connection

Breastfeeding is not only about nourishment but also about the deep emotional connection between a mother and her child. While traveling, this bond can be further strengthened as you share intimate moments with your baby. These shared experiences will become treasured memories of your journey together.

Tips for Successful Breastfeeding While Traveling

Plan Ahead

Before you embark on your trip, take some time to plan for breastfeeding success. Research the destination’s attitudes toward breastfeeding in public, so you know what to expect. Pack essential breastfeeding supplies such as a nursing cover, breast pads, and comfortable clothing for easy access.

Nursing covers ae a great accessory for breastfeeding while traveling

Know Your Rights

Familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations regarding breastfeeding in public at your destination. Many countries have laws protecting a mother’s right to breastfeed, so knowing your rights can provide you with peace of mind.

Dress Comfortably

Select clothing that is both comfortable and breastfeeding-friendly. Nursing tops with discreet openings, or button-down shirts, are great options. This will make it easier for you to nurse your baby while staying covered.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

Traveling can be exhausting, so it’s essential to stay hydrated and eat nutritious meals. Proper hydration and nutrition ensure that you have the energy and resources to produce quality breast milk and maintain your own well-being.

Consider a Nursing Pillow

A portable nursing pillow can be a valuable addition to your travel gear. It provides comfort and support when you’re breastfeeding in various locations, including hotels, airports, or while on the road.

Nursing pillows support baby weight and prevents backache while breastfeeding

Plan for Pumping

If you need to express and store breast milk during your travels, bring a portable breast pump and storage containers. Make sure to check your airline’s policy on carrying breast milk on board.

Consider Using a Breastfeeding-Friendly Carrier

Certain baby carriers come with features to breastfeed discreetly. This is a great accessory while traveling, as you can carry your baby as well as feed them hassle-free and hands-free.

Baby carriers help with discreet breastfeeding.

Be Flexible

Travel schedules can be unpredictable, and your baby’s feeding routine may change. Be prepared to nurse on demand and adapt to your baby’s needs. Embrace the flexibility of breastfeeding and go with the flow.

Find Breastfeeding-Friendly Spaces

Many airports, train stations, and public places are now equipped with designated breastfeeding rooms or quiet, private spaces for nursing. Research these locations before you travel to ensure you have a comfortable and private place to feed your baby.

Stay Relaxed

Stress and anxiety can affect your milk supply, so it’s crucial to stay calm and relaxed. Traveling can be stressful, but try to focus on the bonding experience with your baby and remember that your well-being is just as important.

The “Two Shirt Method” of Breastfeeding

The “two-shirt method” is a discreet and practical approach for breastfeeding in public, allowing you to maintain privacy while making it convenient for both you and your baby. I read it somewhere in the very beginning of my breastfeeding journey and found it to be a life savior. Here’s how it works:

What You Need

Inner Shirt: This is the base layer and provides coverage for your back and sides. Choose a shirt that is stretchy, loose-fitting, and long enough to cover your belly and hips. Nursing tanks are an excellent choice for this purpose.

Outer Shirt: This is the top layer and is designed for easy access during breastfeeding. The outer shirt can be any button-down shirt, zip-up hoodie, or a shirt with easy access, like a wrap or crossover design.

The Process

Dress in Layers: Start by wearing the inner shirt as your base layer. Ensure that it’s comfortable and covers your midsection. You can wear a nursing bra or breastfeeding-friendly camisole underneath for additional support.

Choose Your Outer Shirt: Select your outer shirt, which should be the one that provides access to your breast for nursing. Button-down shirts or shirts with zippers work well, but wrap tops or crossover styles are also excellent choices.

Prepare for Nursing: When it’s time to breastfeed, locate a quiet and comfortable spot. Unbutton, unzip, or open your outer shirt to access your breast.

Nurse Your Baby: Lift the inner shirt to expose your breast, positioning your baby for nursing. The inner shirt provides coverage for your back and sides while keeping your belly and hips discreetly covered.

Maintain Privacy: The two-shirt method allows you to nurse your baby with relative privacy. The outer shirt conceals most of the breast and your baby’s latch, while the inner shirt keeps you covered on the sides and back. You can use a nursing cover or a scarf if you desire additional coverage.

After Nursing: Once your baby is done nursing, simply close the outer shirt to cover up again. Ensure your baby is comfortable and content before you continue with your day.

Benefits of the Two-Shirt Method:

  • It provides privacy and modesty while breastfeeding in public.
  • It’s a discreet method that minimizes exposure of your midsection.
  • You can use your regular clothing, making it versatile and budget-friendly.
  • It’s convenient and doesn’t require a specialized nursing wardrobe.
  • It’s a flexible method that accommodates different clothing styles.


Breastfeeding while traveling is an incredible way to provide comfort, nutrition, and love to your baby, no matter where your adventures take you. With careful planning and a few simple tips, you can embark on journeys and create cherished memories with your little one. Embrace the beautiful experience of breastfeeding, both at home and on the road, and savor the nourishing connection you share with your child.

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