Best restaurants in Rishikesh, including cafes and vegan.

Best Restaurants in Rishikesh: Culinary Delights by the Ganges

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas and cradled by the holy Ganges River, Rishikesh is a serene and spiritual haven that has become increasingly popular with tourists in recent years. While the town is renowned for its yoga and meditation retreats, it also boasts a vibrant culinary scene that caters to a diverse range of tastes. In this blog, we will explore some of the best restaurants in Rishikesh that offer not only delicious food but also breathtaking views and a unique dining experience.

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The Sitting Elephant

Location: Hotel EllBee Ganga View, Haridwar Rd

Average Price for Two: Rs. 1000-1200

Perched on the fifth floor of a hotel, The Sitting Elephant offers an extraordinary dining experience with an excellent view of the sacred River Ganga. The ambiance is nothing short of magical, with bamboo decor and spacious seating, both indoors and outdoors. As you savor your meal, the melodious tunes of live music performances serenade your senses.

Cuisine: The Sitting Elephant specializes in North Indian cuisine but also offers Continental options. Whether you’re a fan of aromatic curries or delectable continental dishes, you’ll find something to please your palate. Don’t miss their South Indian breakfast for a flavorful morning treat.

Highlight: Undoubtedly, the highlight of The Sitting Elephant is its panoramic view of the River Ganga. Whether you’re there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the serene backdrop of the Ganges is a sight to behold.

Must-Try Dishes

Dal Makhani

Paneer E Moksha

Dahi Ke Sholey

A paneer dish served in a restaurant in India

Bistro Nirvana

Location: Tapovan, near Zostel

Average Price for Two: Rs. 700-1000

Bistro Nirvana beckons with its calming atmosphere nestled under leafy trees. This vegetarian-friendly cafe is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a peaceful meal. With both indoor and outdoor seating, you can choose your preferred spot, whether it’s beneath the canopy of trees or inside the cozy cafe.

Cuisine: Bistro Nirvana caters to diverse tastes, offering a menu that includes Indian, Continental, Mediterranean, and hot beverages. It’s also known for its tempting desserts, making it a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Highlight: The outdoor seating area, shaded by trees, provides a serene ambiance, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a leisurely meal amidst nature.

Must-Try Dishes

Biscoff Cheese Cake

Mexican Cheese Cromosque Chicken

Hummus and Pita

The 60’s Cafe (The Beatles)

Location: Ground Floor, 60s Green Hills Badrinath Road, Tapovan

Average Price for Two: Rs. 500-800

For those seeking nostalgia and a laid-back atmosphere, The 60’s Cafe, also known as The Beatles Cafe, offers a trip down memory lane. The ’60s theme, complete with Beatles memorabilia and photos, sets the tone for a unique dining experience. But it’s not just about the decor—the terrace provides stunning views of the river and mesmerizing sunsets.

Cuisine: This global cafe offers a diverse menu featuring North Indian, Asian, and continental dishes. Whether you’re a fan of Indian spices or craving Asian flavors, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

Highlight: The terrace with river and sunset views is the standout feature of The 60’s Cafe. It’s the perfect spot to relax, dine, and soak in the serene beauty of the Ganges.

Must-Try Dishes

American Burger

Brownie with Ice Cream

Led Zeppelin Pizza

Little Buddha Café

Location: Laxman Jhula Rd

Average Price for Two: Rs. 600-800

The Little Buddha Cafe is a charming vegetarian restaurant that has gained immense popularity, especially among Western travelers. Situated along the banks of the holy Ganges, this cafe offers not just mouthwatering dishes but also a breathtaking view of the river. With its cane tables and chairs, it provides a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.

Cuisine: Little Buddha Cafe caters to a wide range of tastes, offering English breakfasts, continental, Asian, Mexican, Chinese, and Tibetan dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty English breakfast or craving the flavors of the Orient, this cafe has it all.

Highlight: The unparalleled view of the River Ganga makes dining at Little Buddha Cafe a truly enchanting experience. It’s the perfect place to savor your meal while gazing at the flowing waters of the sacred river.

An Israeli platter with hummus and pita bread

Must-Try Dishes

Israeli breakfast

Chinese platter


Pure Soul Cafe & Organic Kitchen

Location: Dewa Retreat, Tapovan

Average Price for Two: Rs. 500-800

If you’re looking for a restaurant that aligns with the spiritual essence of Rishikesh, Pure Soul Cafe & Organic Kitchen is a must-visit. This eatery is a haven for those seeking organic and pure food options. Located on a rooftop, it offers a peaceful dining experience with serene views of the surroundings.

Cuisine: Pure Soul Cafe specializes in organic fare, serving English breakfast, continental dishes, and North Indian cuisine. The emphasis on organic ingredients ensures that you not only savor delicious food but also nourish your body and soul.

Highlight: The rooftop setting of Pure Soul Cafe is a true highlight. As you dine amidst the tranquil atmosphere, you can bask in the beauty of Rishikesh and feel closer to nature.

A cheese cake served in a restaurant

Must-Try Dishes

Mezze Platter

Rhododendron Mojito

Pizza Margherita

Blueberry Cheese Cake

HideOut Cafe

Location: Marine Drive, behind Durga Mata Mandir

Average Price for Two: Rs. 500-800

For those craving Italian, Chinese, or continental flavors, HideOut Cafe is a hidden gem in Rishikesh. This restaurant offers an escape into the world of delectable pastas, pizzas, and global cuisines. The added bonus? A fantastic view of the River Ganga that complements your dining experience.

Cuisine: HideOut Cafe is a paradise for Italian food enthusiasts, but it also caters to those with a taste for Chinese and continental dishes. Whether you’re a fan of pasta or simply want to savor a wood-fired pizza, this cafe has you covered.

Highlight: The great view of the River Ganga from HideOut Cafe’s vantage point adds an extra layer of charm to your dining experience. It’s a wonderful spot to unwind and enjoy the scenery.

Must-Try Dishes

Hakka noodles and Manchurian combo

White Sauce Pasta

Margherita Pizza

Ganga View Café

Location: Near 13 Stories Temple, Laxman Jhula

Average Price for Two: Rs. 700-1000

Perched on the banks of the holy Ganges, the Ganga View Café offers an unparalleled dining experience with breathtaking views of the river. This café is renowned for its refreshing juices, slushies, hearty English breakfasts, and a diverse menu that includes burgers, wraps, and pizza. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance while indulging in a culinary adventure.

Cuisine: Ganga View Café caters to a wide range of tastes, serving Israeli, Asian, and Indian cuisines. Whether you’re in the mood for a taste of the Mediterranean, the flavors of Asia, or authentic Indian dishes, this café has it all.

Highlight: The standout feature of Ganga View Café is its astounding view of the River Ganga. Dining here allows you to savor not only delectable food but also the mesmerizing sight and sound of the sacred river flowing serenely behind you.

Must-Try Dishes

White Sauce Pasta

Blueberry Cheesecake

Farmhouse Pizza


Tattv café

Location: Near Kriya Yoga Ashram, Tapovan

Average Price for Two: Rs. 600-900

Tattv Café is a haven for health-conscious food enthusiasts. This restaurant is dedicated to offering healthy and organic food options that cater to various dietary preferences. With its elegant ambiance and both indoor and outdoor seating, it provides a serene environment to enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Tattv Café boasts an array of cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, and Israeli dishes. Whether you’re looking for a nutritious salad, a flavorful stir-fry, or a slice of heavenly dessert, this café has you covered.

Highlight: Tattv Café not only serves delicious and wholesome food but also hosts a grocery store where you can find healthy and organic snacks and drinks to take home with you.

Must-Try Dishes

Paneer Pizza

Falafel Platter

Special Lasagna

Beatles Cafe

Location: Paidal Marg, Tapovan

Average Price for Two: Rs. 600-900

If you’re a fan of the Fab Four, the Beatles Cafe is a must-visit destination. This café pays homage to the legendary band with its Beatles-themed ambiance, adorned with memorabilia and iconic images. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, it provides a great view of the Ganges River, adding to the overall experience.

Cuisine: Beatles Cafe offers a diverse menu with Italian, Continental, North Indian, and Asian dishes. Whether you’re craving classic Italian pasta, continental delights, or the flavors of North India, you’ll find a tempting selection here.

Highlight: The Beatles-themed ambiance, music, and the captivating view of the Ganga River make dining at this café a unique and memorable experience, especially for fans of the iconic band.

Must-Try Dishes

Irish Burger and Fries

Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream and Hot Sauce

Led Zeppelin Pizza

OM Freedom Café

Location: Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh

Average Price for Two: Rs. 600-900

The OM Freedom Café is a culinary gem that offers much more than just food. Perched alongside the sacred Ganges, this café provides an exquisite view of the river that complements its delightful menu. Specializing in Continental, Israeli, North Indian, fast food, and a variety of beverages and desserts, OM Freedom Café is a testament to culinary diversity.

Cuisine: Whether you’re craving a hearty Continental meal, a taste of Israeli delicacies, the flavors of North India, or a quick bite of fast food, this café has something for every palate.

Highlight: The greatest highlight of OM Freedom Café is undoubtedly its spectacular view of the River Ganga. Dining here feels like a spiritual and culinary retreat rolled into one.

A pizza served in a restaurant.

Must-Try Dishes

Paneer Pizza

White Sauce Pasta

Veg Platter

Anna’s Mess (South-Indian Restaurant)

Location: Next to Hashtag Hostel, Lower Balaknath Mandir Road, Tapovan

Average Price for Two: Rs. 400-600

Anna’s Mess proudly holds the title of the best South Indian restaurant in Rishikesh. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, it offers an authentic South Indian dining experience. The aroma of freshly prepared dosas and the gentle breeze from the Ganges create a delightful atmosphere for food enthusiasts.

Cuisine: Anna’s Mess specializes in South Indian cuisine, serving up mouthwatering dosas, idlis, vadas, and other southern delights. It’s a haven for those looking to satisfy their cravings for traditional South Indian flavors.

Highlight: The standout feature of Anna’s Mess is its unwavering commitment to delivering authentic South Indian dishes, making it a must-visit for anyone who loves this regional cuisine.

Must-Try Dishes

Rose Coconut Milk

South Indian Thali

Masala Dosa

Malabar Parotta with Gravy

Rajasthani Sweets Mishthan Bhandar

Location: Near Triveni Ghat

Average Price for Two: Rs. 200-400

If you’re seeking delicious and affordable fare in Rishikesh, look no further than Rajasthani Sweets Mishthan Bhandar. This vegetarian restaurant and sweet shop offer a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. While the ambiance may be simple, the food is anything but ordinary.

Cuisine: Rajasthani Sweets Mishthan Bhandar is known for its budget-friendly yet delectable dishes. From North Indian staples to Rajasthani specialties, their menu boasts a variety of tasty options.

Highlight: The highlight here is undoubtedly the value for money. It’s a go-to place for those who want to enjoy delicious meals without breaking the bank.

Must-Try Dishes

Veg Heritage Thali


Ras Madhuri

All Traditional Sweets and Snacks


Rishikesh, with its serene ambiance and spiritual significance, offers a delightful culinary journey for visitors. From organic and vegan cafes to fusion restaurants with stunning views, the best restaurants in Rishikesh cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a yogi seeking purity in your food or a traveler looking to savor international flavors, Rishikesh’s dining scene has something special to offer. So, when you visit this mystical town, don’t forget to explore these culinary gems and savor the flavors of serenity.

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