Road Trip with a Baby in India: Infant Travel Guide 2023

A road trip with a baby in India can be both exciting and daunting. On the one hand, it’s a great opportunity to create lasting memories with your little one, but on the other hand, it can be a challenging experience if you’re not well prepared.

In this blog, I will address the three main points you need to consider while planning a road trip with a baby in India. First, I will take you through how to plan a road trip with a baby, then I give you a list of all the essentials you need to pack while going on a road trip with a baby. And finally, I have some tips for you on how to tackle motion sickness in babies on road trips.

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How to Plan a Road Trip with a Baby

Planning and preparedness are the keys to making a comfortable road trip with a baby. Here are some tips on how to plan a road trip with a baby:

Consider the Age and Needs of Your Baby

Before planning your road trip, consider the age and needs of your baby. Newborns require frequent feedings, while older babies may need more space to move around and play. Keep in mind your baby’s sleep schedule and plan your route accordingly.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Choose a destination that is baby-friendly and has the amenities you need. Look for accommodations that provide cribs, high chairs, and other baby equipment. This way you won’t have to carry a lot of large baby stuff with you.

Babies can fall sick or get an upset tummy pretty easily on road trips, and generally on vacations in new environments. So, research the local hospitals, pediatricians, and pharmacies in case of any emergencies.

Plan Your Route

When planning your route, consider the distance, the type of roads, and the expected travel time. Plan regular breaks (every two to three hours) for diaper changes, feedings, and stretching. Consider bringing a stroller or carrier to make it easier to move around during rest stops.

Kolkol baby carrier is a budget and safe baby carrier in India for roadtrips.

Best Baby Carriers in India

Be Flexible

Although it’s important to have a plan, it’s also important to be flexible. Your baby’s needs can change at any time, so be prepared to adjust your schedule as needed. If your baby needs more breaks or naps than you planned for, be patient and make the necessary adjustments.

Choose Baby-Friendly Destinations

Consider destinations that are baby-friendly such as parks, beaches, or child-friendly restaurants. These places will make it easier for you to attend to your baby’s needs and still have a good time.

Consider Your Baby’s Safety

I cannot stress enough the importance of a car seat on a road trip with an infant. A baby is safest in a car seat than anywhere else while traveling in a car.

Make sure you use a car seat that is appropriate to your baby’s age and weight.

If your baby gets fussy, don’t pick them up while the car is in motion. Instead, pull over to a safe place and attend to their needs.

Best Baby Car Seats in India

Pack Smart

Pack everything you need for your baby, including enough diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food for the entire trip. Bring extra clothes and blankets in case of spills or accidents. Also, don’t forget to pack toys, books, and music to keep your baby entertained. I have a complete list down below, but the key is to pack essentials in extra.

Stay Organized

Keep your baby’s essentials organized in a separate bag or container to make it easier to find what you need when you need it. Use a diaper bag to pack all the essentials you will need on the journey.

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Best Diaper Bags in India

Bring a Travel Crib

If you co-sleep with your baby then you are good. If not, consider bringing a travel crib if staying overnight. This will help ensure your baby has a familiar and comfortable place to sleep.

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What to Pack on a Road Trip with Baby in India

When traveling on a road trip with a baby, it’s important to pack everything your little one will need to stay comfortable, safe, and happy. Here are some essential items to consider packing:

Diapers and Wipes

Pack enough diapers for the duration of your trip, plus a few extra in case of emergencies. You never know when you’ll have to change your baby’s diaper, so it’s better to be overprepared.

Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rash cream is a must-have in your infant road trip packing essentials. During a road trip with a baby in India, you are highly likely to be not able to change diapers at the right time. So, pack a diaper rash cream to protect your baby’s skin from irritation.

B4 Nappi is a diaper rash cream in India for infants.

Baby Food and Formula

If your baby is still on a formula or baby food diet, make sure to pack enough for the entire trip. Bring extra just in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Bring several burp cloths to use during feedings and for other clean-up needs.

Bottles, Pacifiers, and Sippy Cups

Pack enough bottles, pacifiers, and sippy cups for the trip. Make sure they are clean and sterilized before the trip, and bring a bottle brush and dish soap for cleaning.

Baby Carrier or Stroller

A baby carrier or stroller can come in handy during rest stops or when exploring your destination. Make sure to choose one that is easy to carry and can fold up for easy storage. If you are visiting a hill station, a carrier is always better and more practical.

A woman pushing a stroller with a baby and a bag on a road.

Best Strollers in India

Blankets and Clothes

Bring extra blankets and clothes for your baby in case of spills, accidents, or changes in weather. It’s better to be over-prepared than caught off guard.

Sunscreen and Hats

If you’re traveling to a sunny destination, make sure to pack sunscreen and hats to protect your baby from harmful UV rays.

First-Aid Kit

Pack a basic first-aid kit that includes items such as Band-Aids, antiseptic wipes, and children’s pain relief medication. Make sure you also carry essential medicines like paracetamol, cough syrup, or any vitamins. Never try anything new or for the first time while on a trip.

Baby Toys and Books

Never underestimate a baby’s boredom! Babies need to be engaged during their awake hours, so bring your baby’s favorite toys and books to keep them entertained during the trip. It’s essential to have something to distract them from being bored or fussy.

Snacks and Drinks

Pack a few snacks and drinks for your baby, especially if they are old enough to eat solid food. Finger foods like these Slurrp Farm Snacks are a great option.

Slurrp farm snacks are great for road trips with babies in India

How to Deal with Motion Sickness on a Road Trip with a Baby

Dealing with a baby with motion sickness can be a challenging and stressful experience for both parents and the baby. The conditions on roads make road trips with Babies in India particularly challenging. However, with some preparation and care, you can help your baby feel more comfortable during the trip. Here are some tips on how to deal with a baby with travel sickness:

Consult with your pediatrician

Before embarking on a long trip, it’s important to consult with your pediatrician about your baby’s travel sickness. They may be able to recommend medication or other remedies to help alleviate your baby’s symptoms.

Keep Your Baby Hydrated

Make sure to keep your baby hydrated by offering small sips of water or breastmilk during the trip. Dehydration can make travel sickness symptoms worse.

Travel During Nap Time

Consider traveling during your baby’s nap time. This can help them sleep through the trip, which may reduce the likelihood of travel sickness symptoms.

Keep Your Baby’s Head Still

Keep your baby’s head still by placing a soft pillow or headrest behind their head. This can help reduce motion sickness symptoms.

Avoid Heavy Meals Before the Trip

Avoid feeding your baby a heavy meal before the trip, as this can worsen travel sickness symptoms. Instead, offer light snacks or meals throughout the trip.

Use Distraction Techniques

Use distraction techniques to take your baby’s mind off the trip. Play music, sing songs, or offer toys or books to keep them occupied.

Take Frequent Breaks

Take frequent breaks during the trip to give your baby a chance to move around and get some fresh air. This can help reduce travel sickness symptoms.

Use Natural Remedies

There are several natural remedies you can use to help alleviate travel sickness symptoms, such as ginger or peppermint. Consult with your pediatrician before using any natural remedies.


To conclude, good planning and staying prepared can make a road trip with your little one amazing. Remember that a road trip with a baby in India can be a great opportunity to bond with your little one and create lasting memories. So, don’t forget to enjoy the journey and take lots of pictures.

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