Healthy Snacks Ideas for Babies while Traveling

Healthy Snacks Ideas for Babies while Traveling

Traveling with infants in the Indian context can be an enriching and memorable experience. The vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and delicious cuisine all await exploration, and what better way to introduce your little one to the beauty of India than through its food?

However, as a parent, you might also be concerned about ensuring your child’s nutrition and well-being while on the road. In this blog, I’ll guide you through a selection of nutritious and travel-friendly snacks designed to keep your baby happy and content during your Indian escapades.

As a mom travel blogger, feeding healthy snacks to my little one on our trips have always been a cause of anxiety. A sick baby is the last thing you would want on a trip. Over time, I learned to navigate and conquer the “travel-friendly healthy snacks for babies” battle. In this blog, I will share ideas for healthy snacks for babies while traveling to help you plan your trips better.

Healthy Snacks for Babies while Traveling

Mashed Bananas

Bananas are a fantastic snack option for infants. They are readily available in India and are easy to pack and serve. Simply peel and mash a ripe banana, and you have a nutritious and tasty treat for your little one. Bananas are packed with essential nutrients and are gentle on the stomach. And the best part about banana is you don’t need to worry about hygine or use any tool to peel the fruit. And if your child is slightly older or a pro, they can simply eat a banana, avoiding the hassles of mashing and getting clean utensils.

Cheese Cubes

If your child is older than one year and is not lactose intolerant, cheese cubes make a great choice as a healthy baby snack for travel. As cheese cubes come with individual packing, you won’t need to worry about hygiene. However, keep in mind that cheese cubes being processed food contain high levels of sodium. It would be best to keep to one cheese cube a day while traveling.


Curd is rich in calcium and probiotics, making it an excellent choice for your baby’s gut health. Opt for plain, unsweetened curd over flavored yogurt, as they contain artificial sweeteners and flavoring. You can mix it with a fruit puree for added flavor. Go for the tiny containers of curd that can get from any supermarket and offer them your child on the go.

Homemade Laddoo

Nothing can beat the health benefits and nutritional value of homemade laddoos when traveling with a baby. I sometimes pack a few laddoos made with raggi, sesame seeds, and nut powders, especially if I am on a long train journey. Everyone is perpetually looking for something to snack on while traveling on a train and what better that a boost of nutrition from our power-packed laddoos!

Whole Nuts and Dry Fruits

If you have an older child, nuts and dry fruits are a great option for travel snacks. Roasted cashew, prunes, and raisins are some of my favorite travel-friendly healthy snacks for young kids. Make sure you carry and airtight container or Ziplock pouch to ensure they don’t go stale.

Toasted Bread

Yes, bread is not the healthiest of snacks out there, but toasted bread is a great option, especially if you are on a road trip. If your baby is colicky or has motion sickness, toast can help your baby to keep them from throwing up.


Boiled rice is readily available at every restaurant. Rice is not only nutritious and healthy, it is also great to fill your baby’s tiny tummy.

Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals, specially designed for kids are another superb travel-friendly snacks. You can find a wide range of flavors from Slurrp Farm to suit your needs. You can pre-portion servings into small containers for on-the-go use. Mix it with breastmilk, formula, or water as needed, making it a versatile option for various ages.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, making them a nutritious snack for babies. They are easy to prepare in advance and are easily portable. Ensure that the eggs are fully cooked, peeled, and cut into small, bite-sized pieces to prevent choking hazards.

Bland Restaurant Food

If you have to eat out at a restaurant, opt for bland food like boiled rice, dosa, idly, or paratha. Avoid oily and spicy side dishes as these can irritate your little ones tummy.

Tips for Preventing Tummy Troubles in Babies while Traveling

Preventing tummy troubles in babies during travel can make the journey more enjoyable for both parents and infants. Here are some tips to help minimize the risk of stomach discomfort:

Plan Ahead

Familiarize yourself with the destination and locate nearby healthcare facilities in case of emergencies.

Ensure that your baby’s vaccinations are up to date and consider travel-specific vaccinations if needed.


Schedule your travel during times when your baby is typically more relaxed and less likely to be fussy, such as during their naptime.


Keep your baby well-hydrated. Breastfeed or offer formula regularly, as dehydration can exacerbate digestive issues.


If you’re breastfeeding, continue to do so during the journey. Breast milk is easily digestible and can help prevent tummy troubles.

Formula Feeding

If you’re formula-feeding, prepare bottles ahead of time, use bottled water, and follow safe formula handling practices. Ensure that you have enough formula for the entire trip.

Pack Essentials

Bring extra diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for both you and your baby. Diaper rash cream can also be handy.


Consult with your pediatrician about using baby-safe probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut. Some parents find them useful for reducing digestive issues during travel.

Avoid Overfeeding

Be mindful of overfeeding, which can lead to spitting up or digestive discomfort. Feed your baby in smaller, more frequent amounts.

Avoid Overheating

Dress your baby in comfortable, breathable clothing to prevent overheating, which can lead to fussiness and discomfort.

Car Seat Positioning

Ensure that your baby’s car seat or stroller is positioned correctly to minimize the risk of reflux or choking during travel.

Motion Sickness

If your baby is prone to motion sickness, try to minimize sudden stops and starts, and consider using a rear-facing car seat. Consult your pediatrician for appropriate motion sickness remedies for infants.


Maintain cleanliness and hygiene when handling bottles, pacifiers, and any items that your baby might put in their mouth. Carry sterilizing wipes or a portable sterilizer if necessary.

Safe Water

Ensure that any water you use to prepare formula or baby food is safe for consumption. Use bottled water or boil tap water if needed.

Baby’s Comfort

Bring your baby’s favorite toys, blankets, or comfort items to help them feel secure and reduce stress.

Be Flexible

Be prepared for unforeseen changes in your travel plans and be flexible in accommodating your baby’s needs.

Consult a Pediatrician

If you have concerns or if your baby has a history of gastrointestinal issues, consult with your pediatrician before the trip for specific advice and recommendations.


Traveling with kids in India is an opportunity to introduce them to a world of flavors and cultural diversity. By packing a variety of these healthy snacks, you can ensure your children remain happy, energized, and curious about new tastes and experiences as you explore this enchanting country.

These nutritious snacks not only sustain their energy but also allow them to savor the delicious flavors of India. While indulging in these culinary experiences, remember to prioritize food safety and hygiene to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for the whole family. Happy travels!

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